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Raisin-Pecan Stuffing

Nov 26, 2020 | Fall foods, Food Styling, Raisins, Recipes, sage, Stuffing, Thanksgiving, Walnuts, Wine

Raisin-Pecan Stuffing 

A Facebook live presentation by Jaime Laurita and Margaret McSweeney inspired this Thanksgiving stuffing. Turned out so good.

Big bites of celery, mushrooms and walnuts made this a really fantastic treat. It was so fun making this in my new Dutch oven, which cooked everything together beautifully.

Raisin-Pecan Stuffing

Cook package of favorite sausage in cast iron skillet.

Cut 3 loaves of different types of bread into cubes and toss in olive oil with salt, pepper; chopped fresh terragon, thyme, sage and a little rosemary. Place in oven for about 45 minutes, checking from time to time and stirring.

In cast iron skillet, cook carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions, garlic, walnuts and raisins in olive oil. Add salt and pepper, to taste. After 20 minutes add 1 cup Chardonnay.  

When bread is thoroughly toasted, combine with vegetables and sausage. Mix in 2 jars of Heinz turkey gravy.

Place in oven and bake for 45 minutes.