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Secrets of the Titanic: The Truth and The Tragedy

Secrets of the Titanic: The Truth About The Tragedy
by JI Baker and Sam Chase;
Contributions by Veronica Hinke
Hardcover: $18.79

My recipe for scrumptious and comforting Honeycrisp Baked Apples with Chantilly Cream is featured in the skillfully researched and beautiful new publication by JI Baker and Sam Chase: “The Titanic: The Truth about The Tragedy.”

This new publication is an expertly curated and intriguing collage of little-known facts about the ill-fated journey of the Titanic. Information is masterfully woven together from Titanic experts, including my research about the delicious Edwardian soups, lively and flavorful pre-Prohibition cocktails and more drinks and foods that defined the rich culinary aspects of the Titanic.

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Praise from Readers

For “The Secrets of The Titanic- The Truth About The Tragedy” 

Over the last few years I have read probably ten books on the Titanic. This is one of my favorite. A really beautiful book, great information, and a lot of wonderful pictures. All of the Titanic books have some of the same information but each one also has a lot of new facts as this book did. A lot of serious info on a very serious event but also some fun facts such as what other movie stars were considered to play the leads in the movie “Titanic.” I really enjoyed this book.