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Honeydew Melon Soup with Fresh Basil and Mint

Aug 14, 2021 | Food Styling, Recipes, Summer Foods

Honeydew Melon Soup with Fresh Basil and Mint

I love honeydew melons, and melons of all kinds. It’s so much more fun to make something special with them as an ingredient, rather than just cutting them up and eating them, piece by piece.

This Honeydew Melon Soup is perfect for a hot summer day when melons are at their very best! Cold, flavorful and so very refreshing.

Honeydew melons are loaded with Vitamin C. They are also packed with Vitamin b-6, magnesium, iron and potassium.

Hit it right at peak season and they taste like candy!

This recipe tempers the sweetness of honeydew at its peak with lime juice, basil and mint. This gorgeous mint was freshly picked at Creekside Natural Farm!

Honeydew Melon Soup with Fresh Basil and Mint 

1 Honeydew melon

1/2 cup fresh mint leaves

1/2 cup fresh basil leaves

Juice of 2 limes

2 pinches pink Himalayan sea salt

Place all ingredients in blender, setting a little melon, mint and basil aside for garnish.

Pulse on high until well blended.

Pour into bowls. Garnish with finely diced honeydew melon, spring of mint, lime zest and tiny basil leaves if you have some.