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Recipes & Food Styling

Do I smell cake? Yes! Cakes are ready for Zoom birthday party for Fritz tomorrow at 1 p.m.! Found this darling bone-shaped cake mold at The Feed Loft in Channahon. Great staff and wonderful pumpkin-flavored cake mix for dogs.  The cake pan was made of rubber, which I had never baked with before, and I was amazed how well it baked – just like a regular cake pan. How have you celebrated special occasions for pets? Have you hosted virtual parties through Zoom or other platforms lately? It can really life spirits to bring people together – even if we cannot be together in person. I have been having fun with different backgrounds and activities. It is a great reason to connect and dress up when we can’t be together in person. I hope that this party for Fritz’s first birthday maybe brightened people’s day. It was amazing how many gifts he received in the mail- such loving people in our lives. He got so excited with every one of them!  I used box mixes for these cakes, and decorated them with a wonderful peach jam on top of fresh fruit. I used the jam in between the layers in the 3-layer cake. The peach jam really brought everything together and held it together well. The frosting for the bone-shaped cake came with the cake mix.