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Happy Birthday, Charlotte’s Web!

Oct 15, 2020 | Cheese, Food Styling, Mid-Century Suppers, Recipes, Spam

A night for Spamwiches!

68 years ago today one of my favorite books ever, Charlotte’s Web, was published! I have so many wonderful memories of the story of Fern & Wilbur – and Charlotte!

In 1973, our little family of 4 went to the movie theater in Mosinee, Wisconsin to see the movie when it came out. It was March, which was good because our winter coats had plenty of space so that each of us could squirrel away a brown paper lunch bag full of popcorn that my mom Jeanne had popped for us. And a can of pop.

One of our favorite family meals at the time was Spamwiches. My mom made them all the time. They were very affordable & we thought they were just great. These days, lots of people get creative with Spam, but to me the best way to eat Spam is still my mom’s Spamwiches.

Tonight seemed like a perfect night for Spamwiches – & Charlotte’s Web!


Cut 1 can of SPAM® into cubes. Cut 1/4 of box of Velveeta into cubes. In bowl, mix together cheese and SPAM with 1/2 cup mayonaise & 2 tablespoons relish.

Place top & bottom of 4 white sandwich buns on buttered cookie sheet, inside facing up. Bake in oven at 375 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.