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Derby Day Mint Juleps

May 7, 2022 | Cocktails, Food Styling, Recipes

Derby Day Mint Juleps!

The fresh mint at Winding Creek Nursery was ready just in time for Derby Day! It’s perfect that planting day coincides with the Derby!

My secrets for the best-ever Mint Juleps are: (1) Use as much crushed ice as possible; (2) Use as much fresh mint as possible; (3) Go wild muddling the mint- release as many of those delicious minty oils as possible!; (4) Make it simple – without simple syrup; ginger ale can work just as well and adds even more zip, too!; (5) Use a high-quality Kentucky bourbon like Four Roses or Woodford Reserve. I love these two because I have met their founding leaders, and I am so inspired by their passion!

Mint Julep

Makes 1 cocktail

1 fl oz Kentucky bourbon

1 cup ginger ale

1 cup crushed ice

1 bunch fresh mint

1 lemon peel

In a shaker, muddle mint in bourbon. Add ginger ale and ice, and shake for 20-25 revolutions. Pour into glass.

Serve with a lemon peel.