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Hefeweizen-Soaked Beer Brats

Jul 4, 2021 | Food Styling, Picnic Foods, Recipes, Summer Foods

Hefeweizen-Soaked Beer Brats

“Poked ’em and Soaked ’em” in a wonderful new (to me) Schöfferhofer Weizen Hefeweizen brew this year- Grapefruit!

Brats turned out fantastically delicious! This beer tastes wonderful- not too fruity and just the right amount of flavor. So glad I tried it. Spotted it at Whole Foods in Naperville. Won’t be the last time! 

I found some perfect brioche buns, and toasted them lightly in the oven. 

I did not soak the brats overnight this year, and they still tasted just as fantastic. 

Wishing eveyone a safe and happy Independence Day weekend! Happy 4th!

Fried Red Cabbage with Honeycrisp Apples

1 Head red cabbage.

1/2 Red onion, cut into thick slices

2 Honey crisp apples

4 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 Teaspoon pink Himalayan sea salt

1/2 Teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

3 Tablespoons red wine vinegar

Clean and chop cabbage, onion and apples.  In a frying pan on the stovetop, heat oil; add all ingredients to frying pan and stir fry until tender.