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Media Coverage of “The Last Night on the Titanic”

News Stories

Chicago Tribune- 

After so many phenomenal years of reporting food stories for Chicago Tribune’s Pioneer Press papers, you can imagine the joy that it was for me to actually be featured in the Chicago Tribune Food Section about my new book The Last Night on The Titanic. An incredible honor to share my story in the paper of the town where I sunk my teeth into the craft of reporting and writing food stories. This story was written by one of my favorite reporters, Amy Bizzarri. Amy’s stories and books are incredibly well-researched and provide wondrous details and insights. This story shines a spotlight on world-renowned Pastry Chef Gale Gand’s Apple Meringue recipe featured in the book. Apple Meringue was served in first class during the last lunch aboard the Titanic on April 14. We know because the menu was saved by at least two first class passengers – Ruth Dodge and Abraham Salomon. Do you save menus from special dinners? I still have the coach menu from my first flight ever back in 1984 – from Chicago to Paris! LINK

Photo credit: Abel Uribe/Chicago Tribune; Shannon Kinsella/food styling

NEWSWEEK MAGAZINEWhat did they drink on the Titanic? ; October 1, 2019

Part cookbook, part first-person narrative, part anthropolical study, it uses cuisine, cocktails, dress decor and other cultural threads to dive into our obsession with the ill-fated ship and the Edwardian era as a whole.

FORBES MAGAZINE The Culinary Legacy of RMS Titanic; April 5, 2019

Hinke delves into the first-class dining room menus that passengers saved in their pockets before boarding lifeboats; provides old recipes that can be recreated by readers; and describes the origins of the classic cocktails served on board. The author also recounts the poignant stories of those who survived and others who perished at sea, including the tale of the chief baker, Charles Joughin, who survived the wreck by drinking a bottle of schnapps. The book sheds light, too, on the different lifestyles of first-class passengers and those in steerage, both on land and at sea.

NEW YORK POSTTitanic Menu reveals ritzy cuisine planned for fateful cruise; April 1, 2019

What these people went through this night that was unimaginable, and we wanted to honor them through the lens of culinary,” Hinke says. “The things that they would have been eating and the way that they would have lived is a story told so well through the food.”

USA TODAY NETWORKWausau native’s book looks at what Titanic passengers ate and drank before the iceberg hit; April 1, 2019

After years of research and writing, is a just-released hardcover called “The Last Night on The Titanic: Unsinkable Drinking, Dining, & Style.” It’s a multi-layered, detailed piece of work, part cookbook and bartender’s manual and part historical account of the events that happened in the icy water the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912.

WGN-TV Morning News –Pre-Prohibition Cocktails with Veronica Hinke August 11, 2020

“I’m giving my Bronx Cocktails a modern twist this summer with lemon-thyme. It adds another wonderful layer of citrus flavor to the orange essence in the drink. I bought eight lemon-thyme plants this spring from Winding Creek Nursery & Garden Center in Millbrook, Illinois. It’s a fantastic place for herbs, prairie plants & more.” Veronica Hinke 

THE DEPAULIAReliving the last night on the Titanic  July 27, 2019

“I really was happy to intertwine the history with the here and now and these folks that are here with me at the table, that’s why they are pretty special. I can’t talk to those people that were here in 1912. But I was able to talk to so many amazing people that are here to try to interpret the story as best we can.” Veronica Hinke
I just love Nkosi (“Nik”) White’s vivid descriptions of events, and was so glad to hear he could be at The Gage for the Chicago debut of my new book The Last Night on The Titanic. In his story, Nik describes the three signature cocktails that the Cocktail Guru (Jeffrey Pogash) curated especially for the event – and why he chose those. Nik also spotlights the information Astra Burka shared at the press conference. Astra’s grandfather wrote the first letter from the Titanic. Her great-uncle Adolphe Saalfeld wrote an amazing letter home about the lunch that he ate on his first day aboard the ship (April 10). Adolphe’s words home provide information about the food aboard the Titanic unlike anything else. His letter contains the facts, and also genuine sentiment about the foods “I washed it all down with a Spaten beer, iced,” he wrote. HERE is Nik’s story and fantastic photos.


WJFW NBC-TV 12, Rhinelander

Rhinelander covered the Merrill, Wisconsin debut of my book The Last Night on The Titanic. The party was held at the Sawmill Brewing Company, which was once headquarters for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In this story, I talk about the money that was found at the Titanic wreck site that must have belonged to Merrill resident Dan Coxon “Popcorn Dan.”    Watch the interview

Kitchen Chat

Margaret McSkeeny interviews Veronica Hinke on Kitchen Chat TV



Engaging and informative host L.A. Beadles beautifully describes life aboard the Titanic in her introduction to this episode of her new Podcast. We talked about the foods, drinks – and the people – that made the Titanic distinct. I can’t wait to see where L.A. takes this very promising new Titanic podcast series. Listen to my conversation with L.A. here: Unsinkable Dining and Drinking. October 1, 2021


I talked about Titanic foods in a recent episode of Edward and Nate’s wonderful podcast “The Show about Titanic.”  Listen to my conversation with the show’s very engaging host Edward here: Titanic Dining. I love the music for the episode, which is Alexander’s Ragtime Band. June 6, 2021


I love Jon Hagadorn’s show, and I was delighted to talk with him for the second time recently. Jon interviewed me when my book first came out in April 2019. More recently we talked about the important art of storytelling and why it is important. Listen to my most recent conversation with Jon here. May 26, 2021.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Titanic heroes who looked out for others. How could they be so selfless at such a scary time? Their actions and bravery keep me encouraged and inspired. On the 108th anniversary of the Titanic, I was blessed to be able to talk about a few of the Titanic “helpers” with one of my personal heroes and mentors, Diane Worthington. Listen to our conversation here:  Apple Podcast and Android Users


I love all of the stories about my new book The Last Night on The Titanic, but it’s hard to say what it meant to me when, a few minutes before air time, “Sound Bites” host Rob Carson told me during our pre-call that he had prepared the Salmon Mousseline recipe from the book. He had me hook, line and sinker with that endearing update! Here’s a link to my talk with Rob.


Minutes before the Chicago debut of my book The Last Night on The Titanic, I sat down at The Gage with one of my favorite Chicago radio hosts, Gary Zidek of WDCB 90.9 FM. Here’s a recording of the conversation we had just before the reporters began to arrive for the press conference, “New Book Takes Culinary Approach to Titanic Stories”Here’s a link to my talk with Rob. LINK


AMAZING GRACE It’s no fun throwing a party if you can’t be there. I missed my party at Delmonico’s NYC for the launch of The Last Night on The Titanic. Even going the day before, with flights between NYC & Chicago every hour, snow caused flight cancellations. However, one of my guests who I was so eager to meet, popular New York City radio show host Eric Metaxas, “made it up to me” by having me on his show. Eric is the author of “Amazing Grace,” the story of reformed slave ship captain William Wilburforce. The movie of the same title was one of the last movies that I enjoyed seeing with my mom. Aside from being one of the internet’s most engaging podcast hosts, there is nothing like Eric’s bumper music. For months, I looked forward to talking with Eric. Then on June 14, five minutes before I called into the show, I received a phone call from a veterinarian saying that my beloved rescue dog Duchess would have to be put down that afternoon. I muscled up and made it through this interview with as much grace and courage as I could before sobbing all the way to the animal hospital right afterward. Here is the interview: LINK


I talked with engaging WPR host Kate Archer Kent about Wisconsin ties to the Titanic, LISTEN HERE

WINA 1070 AM / 98.9 FM

What a terrific job you’ve done with telling something new about the Titanic!” Those kind words from The Schilling Show host Rob Schilling made my day! Here is a recording of my live talk on the radio with this engaging and inquisitive radio host: Listen HERE

C-SPAN- Publisher’s Review: April 15, 2019

Astra Burka, a descendant of a Titanic survivor, spoke briefly about her film, My Titanic Uncle. Then, cocktail consultant Jeffrey Pogash made brief remarks about some of the drinks served on the doomed ship.

KITCHEN CHATThe Last Night on the Titanic: Veronica Hinke; April 15, 2019

Veronica recently joined Chef Jaime Laurita and me in the Middleby Residential Showroom for a Kitchen Chat.

NOBODY TOLD ME!Stories of the Titanic passengers; April 8, 2019

Nobody told me how inspired I’d be by these people ( passengers and crew ) while researching this story and writing about them. It was always about honoring these people and their stories.”

INTERVIEW FOR NEW BOOKS NETWORK: New Books in Food –Interview with Veronica Hinke May 30, 2019

Using the food and drink served on board as a fulcrum of a broader exploration of this fascinating episode of maritime history, the intriguing characters who sailed on her, and the enduring legacy of the world’s most famous Transatlantic crossing


I was so proud to be the guest as “1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries” launched a full series on the sinking of the Titanic. Engaging and informed host Jon Hagadorn wrote this as the lead-in to the episode: “It was April 14th, 1912-exactly 107 years ago from the date of this release- and 2, 224 passengers and crew aboard the RMS Titanic were having the time of their lives, from the first class deck to steerage, enjoying the best of international cuisine on the most luxurious cruise ship ever built.  When the celebration turned to panic- then horror-many were sure they would never see the morning sun. The stories of heroism, love, and the will to survive have become the stuff of legend.”

INTERVIEW WITH “SOCIAL CAPITAL” PODCAST HOST LORI HIGHBY:  August 27, 2019 –Interview with Veronica Hinke 

I loved sharing my networking ideas in this interview with Social Capital podcast host Lori Highby. She has such interesting people on her show, and I was happy to be one of those recently. We talked about how it takes just 30 days to develop make a habit, networking event ideas and more.    

INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN KELLY – KMOX-AM, ST LOUIS:  March 24, 2019 –Interview with Veronica Hinke 

When I talked with KMOX-AM radio host Brian Kelly he recognized “The Weather Bird” cartoon on page 11 of The Last Night on The Titanic! I included the cartoon in the section about Titanic cocktails – it said “Why not let hotels sell Bronx cocktails on Sundays?”  

CULINARY HISTORIANS OF CHICAGO Conversation with legendary James Beard Award-winning Pastry Chef Gale Gand– October 19, 2019

I loved talking with Gale Gand about her Apple Meringue recipe & more fall foods showcased in The Last Night on The Titanic! Thank you so much to the Culinary Historians of Chicago & Bethany Retirement Community for making our festive, interesting event happen. The weather was perfect and the room was full of fabulous foodies.

WUWM LAKE EFFECTWausau Native’s New Book Provides A Tasty Twist To The Story Of The Titanic  April 24, 2019

It is still so relevant because it helps us understand why we are the way we are today. The foods and the drinks that we consume today are so tied to our history. That’s why I wanted to look back at what they were eating and drinking aboard the Titanic,” Hinke says.