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Mexican Hot Chocolate Fondue

Feb 14, 2021 | Chocolate, Cilantro, Cinnamon, Fondue, Food Styling, Recipes, Valentine's Day

Cinnamon, cilantro and chile pepper flakes makes this Fondue taste just like Mexican Hot Chocolate!

I love the mid-century modern industrial designs by Marion Weeber! I ordered this fondue pot through Ebay in 2014 that Marion designed for Ecko. I was heart-broken when the pot arrived without its gorgeous teak handle. In fact, it had no handle at all. When I asked the seller for some of the $80 back, she said that she would not credit any of the money back to me because I should have known better. I was so sad. I would never treat someone like that if they made a mistake. But I decided to still celebrate the pot and I even added more pieces to build a collection around it. I ordered a darling ceramic pot with cherry bright orange mushrooms that was made in Japan in the 1970s. When the pot arrived last week, much unlike when the Weeber pot arrived, I was elated to see that not only were all of the pieces in place, the pot had never even been used. Until now. Now I have a fun collection! 

Mexican Hot Chocolate Fondue with Cilantro and Chile Pepper

12 ounces milk chocolate chips

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tablespoon dried cilantro

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 pinch of dried chile pepper flakes

Salt, to taste

1-inch pieces of favorite fruits; marshmallows, candied ginger, etc.

In a pot on stovetop over low-medium heat, melt chocolate chips. Heat cream in microwave or on stovetop. While continually stirring, slowly add cream, dried cilantro, cinnamon and chile pepper flakes to chocolate. Pour into fondue pot. Dip fruits and other items in chocolate