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Merlene’s Potato Salad “Must be Hellman’s!!!”

Sep 7, 2020 | Food Styling, Labor Day, paprika, Picnic Foods, Potato Salad, Recipes, Summer Foods, Summer Sides

Merlene’s Potato Salad

“Must be Hellman’s!!!” was the message typed at the bottom of the tattered recipe card with “Ma Krohn’s” instructions for making her mouthwatering potato salad. Like a last-minute note that the author had remembered at the very end about a critical piece of the recipe. The card is now a treasure for me & I shared it here for you. It was  handed down to my mom by Merlene Krohn. “Ma” Krohn, as students lovingly called her, Merlene was our middle school recess monitor. She twirled a whistle around her finger and joked with many of the kids as she walked the school grounds at recess. Years later, my mom befriended Merlene through church. I found out that she made fabulous chocolate pecan turtles – and amazing potato salad.

The best part of making this for today’s picnic? Another great reason to use some of my new hot Hungarian paprika! Sprinkle a generous amount over the top of potato salad for amazing color and flavor!